Services offered by Ampsail

We provide specialist services in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health installations and associated equipment, including:

  • With our experience and expertise, we can help deliver integrated mechanical and electrical services on projects of any scale


  Full Design
  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design
  Water supply / return distribution design
  Electrical systems
  Energy-related design


  Building Management Services
  Plumbing & Heating
  Air conditioning and chilled water
  Ventilation and heat recovery
  Boosted water services
  Water treatment
  Heat Pumps
  Solar Water Heating


  High Voltage & Low Voltage Installations
  UPS Services
  Power systems
  IT, telecoms, security & lighting protection
  Fire protection


  Cast Iron drainage systems
  PVC drainage systems
  Rainwater systems
  Storm water drainage and rainwater harvesting
  Domestic Water Supply (both normal and hot water systems)
  Sanitation and waste water


We work with some of the biggest developers and construction companies in the industry